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2018 State Tournament at UW-Whitewater: April 6 Congress, April 7 all other events


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The WFCA invites all member schools to participate in the annual State Tournament to be held Saturday, April 7, 2018. Additionally, the State Student Congress will be held on Friday, April 6, 2018. The location for 2018 will be UW-Whitewater.

On Saturday, students compete in three preliminary rounds, and the best-ranking students in each category continue on to the semi-final and final rounds. An awards ceremony recognizes the scholarship winners, winners of coaching awards, the semi-finalists and finalists in each category, and the top-ranked teams.


Follow @theWFCA on Twitter to get tournament updates. twitter
A Twitter account is not needed. Just go to in your web browser.

Important details will be added in the weeks leading up to the tournament, so please check this page closer to the tournament dates and prior to your departure for Whitewater.

 February 12 update

Greetings Coaches!!

We hope you have had a wonderful start to your 2018 forensics season

As we work on the upcoming state tournament, we wanted to inform you of a scheduling change that needs to be made.

Due to a scheduling conflict, one of the buildings on the UW-Whitewater campus is not available for the state tournament. Because we use such a large number of rooms, we are modifying the tournament schedule to fit the tournament into the existing available spaces.

Here is the revised tournament schedule for 2018:

7:30  Registration Begins
8:00  Registration Ends
8:10  Judges Meeting
8:30  Extemp/Radio Draw
9:00  Round 1
10:15 Round 2
11:30 Round 3
12:45 Round 4
1:45  Extemp/Radio Draw for Semis
2:15  Semi-finals (This is 45 minutes later than past years)
4:15  Finals (This is 25 minutes later than past years)
6:00  Awards (This is 30 minutes later than past years)

While there are four preliminary rounds listed, students would only compete in three of those rounds. For example, Farrago students might compete in round 1, 2 and 4 while Group Interp competitors might compete in round 1, 3 and 4. Determination of what events will be competing in what rounds will be made at a later date.

This schedule allows us to maximize room usage and permits students to support teammates or watch other events, while not extending the day too long.

We understand that this will mean leaving Whitewater at a later time, but hopefully this adjustment is not too burdensome on your team.

We are hoping this is a one year change and we'll be able to return to our usual schedule in 2019.

If you have any questions or need further clarification, please do not hesitate to ask!

John & Elliott


Team eligibility and limits: All member schools who have had a representative attend one WFCA coaching clinic during the school year are eligible to register a team of up to 25 entries, with a limit of 4 entries per category. Additionally, schools can enter the Student Congress event on Friday with a limit of 16 entires; these entries are separate and do not count against the 25 allowed in forensics events nor do they count toward team sweepstakes points. There are no qualifying tournaments leading to the State Tournament; all member schools may participate.

Affiliate Membership entries: If no forensic team exists at a student's school, s/he may apply for an affiliate membership. An affiliate member will be eligible to participate at the WFCA State Tournament as an independent participant.

Student entry limitations: A student may not be entered in more that one event on Saturday. Students may be entered in both the Student Congress event on Friday and a single forensics category on Saturday.

Judges: Each school will need to provide one quality judge per five entries, or fraction thereof. (For example, 5 students = 1 judge, 6 students = 2 judges, etc.) The head coach is responsible for ensuring all judges hired by them know the WFCA category rules, judging etiquette, schedule for the day, and judging tournament attire. Judges must be available for all five rounds and must have a timing device and writing utensil. If you are unable to secure high quality judges for the tournament, you can hire one from the WFCA for $100.00. These judges will be trained, prepared and of the highest quality. If you wish to hire a judge, please contact a tournament director by Friday, March 30.

Conversely, if you know of high quality judges you will not be bringing to the State Tournament, please share those names and contact information with us. We may use them.



State Tournament Invitation and Registration

[ link will go here when ready]


and then click on Registration to get logged in with your Speechwire account.


Speechwire will open for registration on Saturday, March 24 at noon. The registration deadline for all events except Student Congress is Friday, March 30, 2018 at 5:00 PM. Although changes may be made in Speechwire until Thursday, April 5 at 3:00 PM, please be as accurate as possible with your entry by Friday, March 30 to give us time to secure materials, rooms, and judges for the tournament.


Beginning Friday, April 6, all changes / drops must be emailed to the tournament directors.


Please make sure the head coach information is up-to-date in Speechwire to ensure you receive important tournament information.



State Congress Invitation and Registration


[ link will go here when ready]


The deadline for legislation submission is Wednesday, March 28, 5:00 PM.


The registration deadline for Student Congress is Monday, April 2. Chamber groupings are due Wednesday, April 4.



[will be posted here after legislation submission deadline]



Impromptu Speaking is now a standard category and thus there is no consolation event this year. Priror to this year Impromptu Speaking was available as a consolation event.



2014 State Tournament Semi-Final Round Packet

2014 State Tournament Final Round Packet

2015 State Tournament Radio Packet Round 1

2015 State Tournament Radio Packet Final Round

2016 State Tournament Radio Packet Round 3


INFORMATION SHEETS (2017 sheets posted; information may change for 2018)

2017 Judge Information Sheet


WFCA Tournament Procedures and Conduct for Judges


2017 Student Information Sheet


2017 WFCA Extemp Radio Procedures



SCHEDULE – Tentative




Tab room location after opening meeting: Hyland Hall


Before 10:00 AM Call in Drops to Tim Scheffler @ 608-628-3114
11:00 - 11:30 AM Student Congress Registration
at Hyland Hall Room 2306, 809 W. Starin Rd
11:35 AM Student Congress Opening Meeting
at Hyland Hall
11:45 - 12:00 PM Student Congress Set agenda and elect 1-A PO
12:00 - 1:00 PM Student Congress Segment 1-A
1:00 - 2:10 PM Student Congress Segment 1-B
2:20 - 3:30 PM Student Congress Segment 2-A
3:30 - 4:30 PM Student Congress Segment 2-B
4:30-4:40 PM Student Congress Voting for chamber Best PO
5:00 PM Student Congress Super Session Finalists Announced
5:40 - 5:45 PM Student Congress Set Super Session Agenda
5:45 - 8:00 PM Student Congress Super Session



SATURDAY, April 7, 2018  – Revised for 2018


Prior to 7:15 AM Text to Confirm Entries / Drops (text even if you have no drops,
report "all present" so we know you're on your way)
Elliott: 608-609-0290
John: 608-347-9553
7:30 – 8:00 AM 

Registration in the University Center
All schools are expected to be at UWW by 8:00 am

8:10 AM Mandatory Judges' Meeting in Hamilton Room, University Center
8:30 AM Extemp / Radio Draw for Round 1
Extemporaneous Speaking in Hyland Hall 2101
Radio Announcing in Hyland Hall 2203
9:00 AM Round 1
10:15 AM Round 2
11:30 AM Round 3
12:45 PM Round 4*
*Students compete in 3 preliminary rounds. Round 4 is for
those who had an earlier round off due to room availability.
–– The following times are tentative ––
2:00 PM
(earlier for
Extemp &
Posting of Semi-Final Rounds:
University Center Hamilton Room (for judges)
University Center Old Main Ballroom
University Center First Floor
2:15 PM Semi-Final Rounds
3:45 PM Posting of Final Rounds
4:15 PM Final Rounds
6:00 PM Awards Ceremony at Irvin Young Auditorium



UW-Whitewater maps




Here is a two-page map with instructions. Please print this for your driver:

 WFCA Bus Driver Information.pdf


Set your GPS for 710 W. Starin Rd. Whitewater. Enter Lot 14 off Starin Rd. Exit Lot 14 onto Prairie St.


During the day buses can be parked at any campus lot; there are no weekend parking restrictions. Please do not park in Lot 14 where students will be dropped off so this area remains as clear as possible for other drop-offs.


Buses should pick up their teams in the parking lot north of Young Auditorium / Greenhill Center of the Arts near the intersection of W. Florence Street and N Prince St.



You can park in any campus lot; there are no weekend parking restrictions. Please do not park in Lot 14 where students will be dropped off so this area remains as clear as possible for other drop-offs.

Student Congress Parking:
Teams should park in Lot 7 on Starin Road behind the Visitors Center (small building with a blue roof, directly across from Hyland Hall). Teams do not need to purchase any parking passes. By the time State Congress begins, parking enforcement will have ended for the weekend.



Registration: University Center

Extemporaneous Speaking Draw Room: 2101 Hyland Hall

Radio Announcing Draw Room: 2203 Hyland Hall

Judges' Lounge: Hamilton Room, University Center

Judges' meeting and schedule distribution: Hamilton Room, University Center

Tab room: University Center

Ballot drops after Rounds 1 & 2:  Hyland Hall Lobby, Winther Hall Lobby, University Center Concourse

Ballot drops after Rounds 3 and power rounds: University Center Concourse

Box lunch distribution: University Center Concourse


University Center Hamilton Room (for judges)
University Center Old Main Ballroom
University Center First Floor

Awards Ceremony: Irvin Young Auditorium


FOOD - Information is from 2017 and may change for 2018

The tournament has arranged two lunch options available for advanced purchase only:

Boxed Lunches will be available for purchase by competitors, coaches, judges, etc. in advance of the tournament. The cost is $7.00 each. A boxed lunch includes a sandwich (either Turkey, Roast Beef, or Veggie), chips, fruit, and a soda. Be sure to specify the quantity of each type of boxed lunch (Turkey, Roast Beef, or Veggie) on Speechwire, if any. On tournament day, boxed lunches will be distributed at the University Center.

Judges Lounge Buffet Tickets can be purchased for judges, coaches, bus drivers, etc. (no students) in advance of the tournament. The cost is $8.00. The buffet is a "Brat and Hotdog Tailgate", including Potato Chips and Baked Beans. A veggie option will be available. On tournament day, the buffet will be located outside the Judges Lounge.

Lunch orders must be received via Speechwire, by 4:00pm, Monday, April 2.  Unfortunately, changes or additions cannot be made to the lunch order after that date/time because the catering order is locked in with campus catering. At registration, your team's registration packet will include lunch tickets for their respective order, if any. Teams will receive a separate invoice for lunch and registration costs, since not all teams will want to submit lunch invoices for reimbursement.

Doing lunch on your own? You’re welcome to. If your team is bringing lunches, please eat lunches at the University Center. There are no off-campus dining options within walking distance. We strongly encourage teams to stay on campus during the day.

Due to University dining contracts, we cannot offer concessions at the tournament, therefore, lunches can only be ordered in advance. The University Center coffee shop and Uno due Go will be open, but anticipate lines!


Here are some other suggestions:

1. Brown Bag! Have your students bring their own lunch.
2. Place an order in advance for Jimmy Johns. They'll deliver too. Link is here:  They can delivery lots of individual sandwiches or platters.
3. The Sweet Spot in Whitewater makes some great boxed lunches. I would order asap if that's an option you'd like. Here's their link:


T-SHIRTS - 2017 shirt shown

Celebrate your state experience with a t-shirt!

These will be available in the University Center Concourse!




Questions about the State Tournament can be directed to:

Elliott Fischer and John Peschl, State Tournament Directors, This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Tim Scheffler, State Congress Director This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Jim Disrude, Site Coordinator This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it