WFCA Handbook

The WFCA Handbook contains bylaws, history, category rules, ballots, scholarship information, coaching awards, student congress guides, and tournament documents.

The 2017-18 Handbook will be published in October 2017 to incorporate changes made at the Fall Meeting on September 16.

WFCA Handbook 2016-17.pdf

WFCA Category Rules 2016-17.pdf

  • The Category Rules document has the same rule sheets that are found in the main handbook. They have been copied into this separate document to make it easy to share the rules with students and judges.

WFCA Judges' Handbook.pdf

The 2016-17 handbook has been updated from last year's edition to include these changes:

Moments in History – This season has two time periods; each student has the choice of 1750-1800
and / or 1900-1999.

Special Occasion Speaking –
This season's occasions are:

A. A speech to a veterans' organization
B. A speech in response to a scandal
C. A sales pitch to investors for a new product or invention
D. A dedication for an art exhibit or public art installation

Storytelling –
This season's topics are:

A. A story from Scandinavia
B. A story about food
C. A story about overcoming obstacles
D. A story about technology

Also, the story topics will be randomly assigned:
The tournament will determine by random selection the round in which each of the four story topics will be presented. The story topics and round schedule will be announced to competitors and judges prior to the start of round one. Every contestant will perform the same story topic in a given round.

Previously, the judge would have discretion in assigning the stories. There is no longer a storytelling assignment card needed for the contestant. The rule for the final round of the WFCA State Tournament remains: Students will select the story of their choice (immediately prior to the start of the final round).

Informative Speaking
replaces Four Minute Speaking with a time limit of 6 minutes.

Farrago, Group Interpretation, Oral Interpretation of Literature, Poetry, and Prose:

The manuscript and /or binder containing the manuscript may be used as a prop or in other creative
ways. Use of the manuscript is subject to critique.

Multiple sources may be combined and creatively woven together to create a cohesive thematic
performance. (does not apply to Prose)

Special Occasion Speaking:
the phrase ", and a speaker stand is permissible" has been eliminated from
Rule 4.

Other changes

February 15 is the new deadline for Application / Nomination deadlines for scholarship applications and
nominations for coaching awards (previously March 1).

The bylaws were updated to clarify State Tournament format, semi-finalist selection, and a name change for references to NSDA (previously NFL).