Category Committee Proposals

The WFCA Category Committee proposed the following rule changes which were voted on at the 2014 WFCA Fall Meeting on September 13. The full text for each proposal is available with each link.

1. 2015 Category Proposals: The topics for Moments in History, Special Occasion, and Storytelling.

-- PASSED as proposed except that Storytelling Topic #4 was changed to: An Urban Legend

2. Binder Usage Clarification: Permit the usage of the student's binder as a prop in Farrago, Group Interp, OIL, Poetry, and Prose. MOTION FAILED

3. Extemporaneous Notes Rules: Change the Extemporaneous Speaking rules to prohibit the use of notes at the state tournament. MOTION FAILED

4. Four Minute Speaking to Expository Speaking: Expand the time limit of Four Minute Speaking to 5 minutes and rename the category as Expository Speaking. NOTE: This involves a change in the WFCA Operating Bylaws. This proposal was tabled.

5. Published Material Clarification: Add language to clarify what "published material" is considered. PASSED with an amendment to add the word "online"

6. Roll Back Walking Prohibition: Roll back the prohibition on walking in Farrago, OIL, Poetry, and Prose to allow students to use platform movement within the performance. PASSED

Additional proposal: clean up some extraneous rules in Farrago and Group Interpretation. Strike a phrase in Farrago rule 3: The student must use a manuscripot, but may not use notes. Strike a sentence in Farrago rule 4: The use of a reading stand is permitted but not required. Strike a phrase in Group Interpretive Reading rule 3: Chairs or stools are not allowed, but reading stands for scripts may be used. PASSED