Notice of Proposed Changes to Operating Bylaws - Fall 2015

Amendments to all articles of the operational bylaws may be made if proposed and published on the WFCA website stating the specific wording of the change to be given to the members entitled to vote at a general meeting of the WFCA not less than three weeks before the date of such meeting. Amendments to the operational bylaws must be passed by majority vote of the membership present at that general meeting.

Additional bylaw proposals may be submitted by August 21 to the WFCA President Deb Weiher-Traas, This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Proposals not affecting the bylaws do not have to adhere to this deadline.

Proposals for the September 12, 2015 meeting: (full wording under the "Read More" link)

PROPOSAL 1: Add to State Tournament Disqualification Procedures

Passed with minor amendments



PROPOSAL 1: Add to State Tournament Disqualification Procedures


WFCA Operating Bylaws
IV. State Tournament
C. State Tournament Practices and Procedures
7. Disqualification Procedures

Insert new sections d. and e. Current sections d. and e. and forward will become f. and g., etc. Passed with the word "legal" and phrase "in the presence of the Executive Board" added by amendment to 7d; also "made" changed to "finalized" and "head coach" changed to "coach of record".

d.     The TPP Committee may use any tools necessary to ensure they understand how/what rule is being violated.  Any legala tools used will be destroyed in the presence of the Executive Board immediately after the decision is finalized and the coach of record of the student has been informed. This is to ensure that students will not be disqualified based on only the word of another coach, student or judge.

e.     If there is a conflict of interest involving the TPP Committee members and the violation, Committee Members should choose to recuse themselves from the Committee and a Member(s) of the Executive Board may step in to fill the role.

Insert word "head" in current section j. Passed with the term "head" changed to "head/or coach in charge"

j.  The decision of the TPP Committee may only be reconsidered if requested by the head coach of the disqualified contestant. Appeals will be considered by the Executive Board and the TPP Chair who must be present as a non-voting participant.